From Note Book 4 of ‘In Woods of God-Realization’

In the mental world, inactivity of mind may be the resultant of an equilibrium of forces; and the forces may be greater taken separately than in many cases of active thought – only they neutralise each other.

Cf. Total pressure and resultant pressure in Hydrostatics.


The fundamental mode of activity, the position of the Ego by itself, if regarded in abstract, is the logical law of Identity.
1. That is no identity of object can be thought apart from the identity of the thinking self.

2. If regarded as in application to objects, it is the category of Reality.

All Reality is in and for the Ego. The categories are merely the modes of action of self-consciousness viewed objectively or in relation to the object.

Herbert Spencer, p. 192 c, Art 61 end. …. There must exist some principle which as being the basis of Science, cannot be established by Science.

All reasoned out conclusions whatever must rest on some postulate.


Beyond the truth no philosophy can go, and all True philosophy depends upon the recognition of it; any metaphysical theorem which assumes an origin or cause for consciousness transcending this first primitive affirmation of the Ego by itself, is convicted of incompleteness and absurdity.