In a world which is essentially spiritual it is impossible to conceive that the essential law of spiritual life should not be the truth that underlies, overreaches and interprets all other laws and it is impossible to conceive that the existence of spiritual beings should be a means to an external end or a link, like the other links in a chain of causation. A party first truly shows itself to have won the victory when it breaks up into two parties: – thus giving a proof of vitality.

* * * *
Subject = Observer’s point of view.

As the intelligence can shift itself, as it were, all sorts of points of view, it is one with all observers, it can further see things from the universal point of view. Especially does Science break away from personal subjectivity and see things as they are objectively.

Universality is readily confused with emptiness or passivity because it is freedom from all that is particular. In this sense it is sometimes said that true Science consists in silencing our own ideas that nature alone may speak. Nature, however, can speak only to an intelligence, and as an intelligence speaks in it. The aim of the relative discipline of Science is to free the subjective intelligence from all that separates it from the object; but if by that process thought were really made passive and empty, along With the partiality and one-sidedness of consciousness, consciousness itself would disappear. The process of the liberation of thought from itself, therefore, is not the mere negation of thought; it is* the negation of thought and being alike as separate from each other, and the revelation of their implicit unity. Here is the mind made to renounce its idols: