Love (Prema, Bhakti):— in Beauty that frees, that is, dazzling snows and sunset, such as we want to enjoy with others.

Cupidity (Moha, sneha): —appreciate Beauty that enslaves; that is, in wife (or woman etc.); such as we want to engross or possess exclusively.

Bhakti (love) expands one’s Self – Moha (Cupidity) contracts.

Bhakti turns the mind from liquid into gaseous state, as it were, and so naturally we want to share the pleasure with others, just as the fluid minded child does.

Moha converts the liquid into solid.

* * * * *
Thou who criest to man and God for liberty, liberate thyself!

* * * * *
Pursue not a shadow without and ignore the substance within.

Do not run away with the chains about thee (in the name of freedom); but break them and, stand free.

* * * * *
Anything that makes you stumble (Urdu word).

* * * * *
Some men pass through the world as destructive forces, like the tornado or the avalanche, but they are not great, they are to greatness as the avalanche is to the mountain.

* * * * *
Few contemplate the mountain at whose base they live and fewer still essay to explore it. But in the distance the small things disappear, and then the solitary beauty of the mountain is perceived. That work which defends religion perishes; it is religion that lives.

Drug your soul no longer with the poisons of false belief. In a fleeting moment of self-forgetfulness the smallest soul becomes great; extend that moment indefinitely, and there is a great life, a great soul.

. . . . Hell is the preparation for Heaven. The presumptuousness of the small may, for a time, obscure the humility of the great, but it is at last swallowed up by it as the noisy river is lost in the calm ocean.

Let thy book first live in thee, then shalt thou live in thy book.

Let there be nothing within thee that is not beautiful and gentle and then will there be nothing without thee that is not beautified and softened by the spell of thy presence.