If God acts for a designed end, it must be that He desireth something which He has not.

* * * *
Men of ideas instead of legs (are) a sort of intellectual centipede.

* * * *
What danger is there if you don’t think of any?

* * * *
Self-styled reformers – the greatest bores of all.

* * * *
The true husbandman will cease from anxiety, as the squirrels manifest no concern whether the woods will bear chestnuts this year or not, and finish his labour with every day, relinquishing all claim to the produce of his fields, and sacrificing in his mind not only his first but his last fruits also.


1. Never should you engage in anything of transitory interest. Pursue the eternal.

2. By making the acts bear the stamp of Reality, by and by the thoughts will also cease to dwell on passing incidents.

3. When you are about to speak, be sure that the talk will do you good, if not, don’t enter into conversation at all.

4. Go on with your work like the artist in the city of Konroo striving after perfection, trying to ensure the happiness of One individual and giving up vain undefined shadow hunting.

Of all the characters I have known, Walden wears best, and best preserves its purity. It has not acquired one permanent wrinkle after all its ripples. It is perennially young.
Referring to childhood or boyhood, “The days when idleness was the most attractive and productive industryā€¯.