“Marry, multiply, let the strongest live, and the weakest die.”

Do not look for “Respectable following.”

They say: “Such and such a companion of yours is good for nothing”

Rama: Even a nothing (cipher) increases the value of a figure ten times being placed on the right side.

Thus even the lower class of people as followers increase the power of a sect.

Dear would-be Teachers and Reformers: Waste no time with the high officials who have sold their liberty for a hundred to a thousand rupees a month, whose energy -is sucked by the Government, whose vitality is sapped by the routine-work (an orange all sucked). What can you get from the vile remnant of meatless bones chewed dry and thrown away by foreigners? Worshipful and honourable Thakurs of stone whose very honour consists in their slavery.

To Reformers

The root of the tree of nationality are women, children, and Sudras. The so-called higher classes are only the fruit Neglect the root and you deprive yourself of everything.

Your personality might be exalted through rich men, but Truth will advance through poor people.

Seek the poor and as to the rich let them follow the line of least resistance.

Dharma àLawàEternal Law

When great ideas have once been into the world and formulated, they may he misrepresented, thwarted, or even defeated and made to retire for a time into the back-ground, but they are destined not to perish and they continue to live a life of their own till in the fullness of time the advance of human thought and morality reaches a stage of evolution when it becomes possible to realize them in the social order.

Call my thoughts Utopian, but they are Truth. Truth crushed to earth shall rise again. The eternal years of God are hers. Tin’s is the true fiery lava gushing out or spouting from the volcano of human breast.

An idea which is used as a weapon of controversy is on the way to lose its universality and to be turned into a half-truth.

* * * *
Each man must find the Truth for himself.

To teach Sanskrit for Reform in India: “He asked for bread and received a stone”.

(Here is an Urdu verse)

The so-called (worldly) wisdomà Excuses of Ignorance à Spiritual beauty is the Universal conqueror.

(Here is an Urdu verse)

All hearts are precious. The fools of reformers care only for the silver ring of intellect in which that diamond is set. He turns out to be a Prophet who picks up hearts and values all hearts alike. Hearts are the reality. Care not in “the least about the shadows of forms. Only fools talk about the bigness of shadows and are drawn towards them. Heart, heart is the reality. Do not IKS misled by the outward grandeur. If you have gained one heart and turned away a hundred Appearances, you are a gainer.

The way to win (heart) is to give (heart). Remember that all appetites are limited. All hungers can be appeased. No ambition is infinite. All ambition can terminate All desiring can be satisfied. Be not unbalanced at the demands of your neighbours.

* * * *
Give them as far as you can and naturally all that they have will be laid at your feet. Love conquers all.

* * * *
When your neighbour makes a mistake encroaching on your comfort, it proceeded from ignorance. Enlighten him on the special point. Unbalanced fools on such occasions begin to disarm the faultless features of the erring neighbour.

* * * *
You need only to remove the discordant element and not break the harmony of the well-proportioned compound.

* * * *
Proceed on the axioms that all are godly and everyone must behave as God if only you behave as God toward them.
Even conscious Politicism is the waste of time and energy on the surface. Fever of Avidya.

* * * *
It is not any kind of food, say, nuts, fruits, curds, meats, etc., that are good or bad, dyspeptic or laxative etc., in themselves; it is the mixture with the stronger or weaker ingredients that causes the stomach to prolapse and hence all forms of dyspepsia.

So, it is not persons in themselves that are good or bad, it is the inharmonious association that is to blame.

There is no fair of over-doing or under-doing where people go by natural impulses. Let the hearts beat and meet. When the electrified objects draw closer and closer, they naturally turn back to the normal position after once touching each other.
Let Truth gain such immense proportions for you as before its magnitude all the appearances and vanity show of purses and persons may volatilize into evanescence. And when your identification with Truth is true and intense enough,
1. The shafts of malice shall not penetrate to you.
2. The rhinoceros shall find no point where in to drive his horn.
3. The tiger shall find no room to fix his claws.
4. The sword shall find no place to thrust itself.
5. The cannon balls raining on your body shall not touch you.


(An Urdu word is used here) are not different. One cannot be without the other. One and the same form two stand-points.

* * * *
Energy or matter, if any, is God. The Law of preservation of matter and energy is essentially relative and its relative counter-formula would be:
“All change is purely change of form, it is not a change of the innermost nature of reality.”

The terms ‘matter’ and ‘energy’ are abstractions which denote two general qualities the identity of which can be traced in the various transformations of all phenomena. They represent the universal features of that which is real, not entities, no independent existences, not things in themselves.

* * * *
National application: If we do not change the previous arrangement, it will change of itself with vengeance.

A perfect jnani asks no question and not even does he think (An Urdu word) questions personal.