The objective mind lulled down to sink into the subjective and hence the suggestibility of multitudes (and mobs).

Nowhere else, except perhaps in solitary confinement are the voluntary movements of man so limited as they are in the crowd; and the larger the crowd, the greater the limitation, the lower sinks the individual self.

Intensity of personality is in inverse proportion to the number of aggregated men.

Be trying to do “your best” what is that to you if it does not prove to be other people’s “best.”

“Spilling of blood” when prohibited does not mean only the spilling of red blood, it means the spilling of the “white blood” (semen), when it is not shed as a sacrifice to glorify the supreme spirit.

* * * *
Raphael answers the Pope:—
“Your Holiness, I love all women too well to prefer one to another and marry.”

* * * *
Universe = Unity + Variety.
Our lives should not be governed by the opinions of others.

The only matter of importance is that we should deserve and think well of ourselves.

* * * *
Experience deals us just the blows Ave need to teach us.

* * * *
The force we waste upon our fears is all that would he necessary for the achievement of our purpose.

* * * *
Let us brew a wine to drown both death and life in it, so that the so-called miseries of life may fain dance before you like heavenly nymphs intoxicated with happiness.

* * * *
Your senses work by fits and starts, therefore you see diversity.

Poverty is blessed. It constructs the ladder of tear-drops to the throne of God. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our most precious opportunities are often those disguised in tatters. They pass us by unrecognized, because we judge life by appearances instead of principles.

* * * *
A gentleman admiring the light in his room wanted to monopolize and copyright it. So in order to enjoy it all by himself (and cut it off from others) he pulled down the curtains and shut the doors, and lo! The very effort to possess it turned the light into darkness.

When the ambassador from the French Court presented to the Buddhist King of Siam the request of Louis XV, that he would embrace Christianity, he replied: ” It is strange that the King of France should interest himself so much in a matter which concerns only God, whilst He Whom it does concern seems to have left it wholly to our discretion.”

* * * *
Suleman Khan, one of the Babi martyrs of 1852, as pierced with deep wounds, in each of which burned a lighted wick, he hastened, as a bridegroom to his bride, to the place of execution, singing with exultation.

The Australian blacks believe that they themselves can produce rain with the help of wizards…

To produce rain they call Milka.

“When on our expedition we were overtaken by violent tropical storms, my blacks always became enraged at the strangers (other blacks) who had caused the rain.”

And always of that nature is our fretting and worrying in every case.

Bachelor men of genius:— Kant, Newton, Galileo, Locke, Spinoza, Leibnitz, Gray, Dalton, Hume, Gibbon, Pitt, Fox, Beethoven, Descartes, Macaulay, Lamb, Copernicus, Schopenhauer, H. Spencer, Voltaire, etc, Johnson, Swift, Cowper.

“These men have neither ancestors nor descendants; they themselves form their entire posterity.”

* * * *
“I have never gone out of my way to attack the Bible or anything else —but whatever road I took to explore a certain province of natural knowledge, I found before me the thorny barrier formidable (fence) its comminatory notice- ” No Thoroughfare.
By Order. Moses.”

I had no other alternative but to break the fence down and go through it.

* * * *
To take away God from history is to take away the Sun from Heaven.

People, who, like Goethe, never rest and never haste, complete their work and escape the friction of it.

* * * *
At the bottom of all fear lies selfishness. To fill the Now and leave no crevice, for approval and repentance – this is Happiness.

Truth needs no defence or defenders.

Whenever Shams was worn out by divine manifestations and ecstasies, he used to break away, hide himself and work as a day labourer at the water-wheels of the Damascus gardens. Shams remarked about a passerby executioner – “There goes a saint of God.”

“Because he put to death a man of God whose soul being released from the bondage of body as a recompense the saint bequeathed his own saintship to him.
The executioner became Shams’s disciple the next day.

* * * *
Jalal’s friend seeing Shams shouted in the streets