1. Light, Thought, Lungs, Cerebrum.

When you think quietly, breathe quietly. When you think deep, breathe deep Jnan

2. Heat, Love or Will, Heart, Cerebellum. Prem
Will to die = Vairag
Will to live = Kaam
Rhythm is always born of conflict.

* * * *
1. A polarized ray of light passing through heated glass becomes visible which it does not when the glass is cold.

2. In the frozen state, water or . . . keeps unpolluted. In the liquid it does not.

3. The dark lines become bright in the spectrum of the Sun at the time of solar eclipse.

* * * *
Coal is a creation of light; charcoal of fire. What fellowship has light with darkness?

Morality (mores, morals, are in the first instance Customs) = the customs or ways which people have when they are together; therefore nothing supernatural about it.

* * * *
It is no more possible to interpret Nature physically from the Ethical point than to interpret a “Holy Family” of Raphael’s in terms of the material structure of canvas or the qualities of pigments.

Nature in horizontal sections is broken up into strata which prevent to the eye the profoundest distinctions; but Nature in the vertical, section offers no break or pause or flaw. The former is the statical point of view, the latter the dynamical.

* * * *
Its true place by the ordained appointment of Nature is where it can be ignored.
On the one hand one must ‘ reckon the Body dead’; on the other one must think of it in order not to think of it.

* * * *
Keep in Self = Resist not Evil, but overcome it by Love than which there is no higher force.

1. Frederick turns defeat into victory by keeping in the real self, above the body.

2. Nature turns stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Gills slit into ears.
3. Be a Giver; it is the begging attitude, that (a) makes you resist and thus causes (b) agitation in mind.
4. The Law is that the seeming evil always comes in time to serve you unless you make it evil by distemper.

Cogito = Co-agito; bringing together or combine.
Intellect = inter – lego; interlace, bind together, combine, all our Propositions are either affirmative or negative (A + B, A – B). In other words all our thought is nothing more than addition, and subtraction.

What can we be conscious of? Not anything outside us – for how should we get outside ourselves? But something within us, something that we feel, our sensations.

* * * *
Sugar is not sweet, we are sweet. The sky is not blue, we are blue.

* * * *
There are no such things as mere words (a contradiction in terms) unless we look for them in those vast cemeteries which we call lexicons or dictionaries.

Things are thinks and thinks = words.

* * * *
Attention—a priori Causation = Reaction (subjective)
= objectifying. Thing = Think.

* * * *
A savage sees gold. In digging he receives the impression of something glittering, but even that impression would be of no consequence to him unless he were startled by it, unless his attention were directed to it and thus the mere sensation of glittering became changed by him into something that glitters. That change of the subjective sensation into an object of sense, is our work – it is the first manifestation of the law of causality within us.

A priori causation is nothing but reaction on the part of the subject or Pramatru Chaitanya.

* * * *
After perception comes conception by naming.

* * * *
How could there be contradictions in the world, if we ourselves had not produced them? The world itself is clear and simple and right; we ourselves only derange and huddle and muddle it.

Logical Somersault of Mill and Materialism

* * * *
Matter is defined as object – capable of being perceived only but in the end it is made the very opposite, viz., what perceives, subject, and is thus supposed to lay hold of and strangle itself.

* * * *
Philosophical Mythology and learned idolatry; whereas like “I hunger” “I thirst,” we should say “I reason, I think” meaning thereby, “I add and subtract,” and as ‘little as we possess a thing called hunger because we are hungry or a thing called patience because we are patient, do we possess a thing called reason because we are rational? Why then should philosophers trouble their heads about the separate entityhood of reason; why should they write it with a capital R, and make a goddess of Reason and worship her, as she was actually worshipped in the streets of Paris? What should the French mob have said if they had been told that in worshipping this goddess of Reason they were worshipping addition and subtraction. Unfortunately the number of such psychological gods or goddesses is very large. Our mind is swarming with them and every one of them counts a number of worshippers who are deeply offended if we doubt their existence.

* * * *
Chinese is read and understood perfectly by people who, when they pronounce and speak it, are quite unintelligible to each other.

Phenomena are –
Inorganic bodies aggregated lead to
Organic, and organic bodies aggregated lead to

Herbert Spencer shows Evolution always to consist in an integration of matter, differentiation of form and dissipation of motion. This persistent integration is proved to dominate all phenomenon and all change eventually.

Now, is not this integration the same as Love on the plane of human consciousness? And here is Henry Drummond reconciled to Herbert Spencer.

From more homogeneous to heterogeneous does Evolution take place, from uniform to multiform.

And re-adjustment of society to bring about a more stable Integration = the end of Socialism.

The differentiation of form = Individual independence and is the goal of Socialism.

Independence and freedom on the lower plane and Union on the higher is the teaching of Vedanta.

Moreover Equilibrium points to Socialism.

* * * *
Smaller hindrance is offered to the passage of both sound and light by media which are comparatively homogeneous either in temperature or hygrometric state. Consequently (i) cataracts etc. are heard at a greater distance by night than by day, (H) the unusual visibility of remote objects is an indication of coming rain, also (Hi) hearing the murmur of torrents and the like nearer is a sign of coming rain.

* * * *
Definite differentiation (multiformity) which accompanies the general Integration in Evolution is simply Vedantic concentration Ekagrata (or the Infinite Anant at every point, all plurality being kept out of sight to take care of itself.

* * * *
As proved by H. Spencer,
Continuous differentiation is the Law of Nature.
Progressing Heterogeneity is the basis of Evolution. Religions and sects must go on multiplying and in that consists the onward life of nations. Segregation is inevitable. If so, why resist multiformity in religion or philosophy? Aid differentiation in form well securing general integration and through this co-operating differentiating. Freedom alone can through definiteness and consolidation be brought about.

He who ignoring his real Universal Self begins to uphold the little Form trying to stereotype it persists in the struggle.

* * * *
He who identifies himself with the unstable appearances and wants to fight for it is unfit to survive.

* * * *
Christians in denying their self to be the helpless resultant of blind mechanical forces contradict themselves in the teeth of Science inasmuch as their self they hold to be only the body, will and feelings which are the outcome of environments on the face of it.

* * * *
The onward march of Evolution brings things more and more to definiteness. Just see how indefinite and consequently at the lowest stage Christian religion is in keeping the idea of self or soul so hazy, dim and indefinite.

All dogmatic religions which aim at uniformity of belief as a consequence of identifying their self with the form are against differentiation. Such run counter against the stream and are subject to inertia or Ignorance. The only religion which is in harmony with the law of Evolution is Vedanta because it wants to establish real integration through formal differentiation.

* * * *
“Live and let live” is the policy of Vedanta.

All jealousy is weeded out from the heart on being convinced by the knowledge of the law of Evolution that differentiation and heterogeneity is the indispensable^ inevitable Law of Nature and the Law of Progress.

Differ from me as much as you please. I am the cause of all difference. How far will you diverge? It is ever too small for me. I am the very essence of difference or Maya. I exult in difference, my will differentiates. I am harmony in all plurality. / ask not being a giver; therefore I resist not evil (as a little self).
* * * *
Multiplicity is the manifestation of Chaitanya satta; therefore Maya is nothing else but the Chit phase of Sacchidananda. Lower natures are characterized by that impulsiveness which results from the uncontrolled action of a few feelings.

Higher natures are characterized by the simultaneous action of feelings based upon a recognition of the universal Law of Harmony which modify the impulse of the moment.

* * * *
The feeling of purity brings such power and joy because it is an expression of Renunciation.

* * * *
The Self-sufficient equilibrium of a spinning top is called equilibrium mobile or moving equilibrium.

This is the equilibrium of the Solar system, of a steam engine, of man’s physical system, and the penultimate state of all motion before complete equilibrium.

* * * *
Equilibrium mobile is tantamount to extreme differentiation of matter and almost entire dissipation or equilibrating motion.

Is not that in harmony with the end of Socialism?

* * * *
The arousing of a thought or feeling involves the overcoming of a certain resistance.

Says Spencer: —
“Each increment of heterogeneity in the individual implies as cause or consequence some increment of heterogeneity in the arrangements of the aggregate of individuals. And the limit to Social complexity can be reached only with the establishment of the equilibrium below, Social and individual forces.” Now, is not that expressly pointing towards Socialism?

H. Spencer shows that after Death or Final Equilibration proceeds dissolution and decay as in the case of a tree or man’s body. Well, Vedanta says it is so with regard to the form; but the real essence as a seed in tree or the subtle body in man lives on in other forms and is divided up into the meat and drink of the world at large, except when even the subtle or the seed-body comes to a state of final Equilibration in a jnani or Christ

* * * *
The branch which does not carry sap withers and dies.

* * * *
Life and Evolution is the constant going off of life and light.

Dissolution commences when heat begins to be: absorbed.

* * * *
Now “The Force that Persists” is my Self according to Vedanta.

* * * *
The Uniformity of Law is equal to the Persistence of the Relations among Forces.

* * * *
Everything moves along the line of least resistance or the hue of greatest attraction.