Like the maid bringing (or churning) the cream or butter to the surface and then skimming it clean off.

* * * *
It is good that the pus or scab is collected, gathered into head and then removed or licked away by God in the form of dogs.

Thus you are purified of all trace of weakness.

* * * *
Be the Sun (giver), not the moon (receiver of influence).

You arc to be kind and considerate to everyone. But you are not to be kept in any kind of bondage by the well meaning attention of your friends.

Change is the law of growth. When you change your habits, you will renew yourself, body and soul. God, you and I are one.

How can you love anything else but Me!

The Healing Exercises and Christian Science and even raising the dead, and lengthening life etc. (when successful) are like keeping a man awake over a longer period than usual. You might call it a miracle to keep him up for three, four, or whole twelve hours at night; but remember, you cannot cheat Nature. Nature must exact even with vengeance its withheld portion of sleep the next day, or Nature will soon tax you with early grave and get out of you all the sleep you kept kick.

It is better to let Nature take her own course. Kesist not evil.

* * * *
1. The New Zealanders brand their cheeks and faces all over with burning hot iron, and this is adornment.
2. Lips bored to put on big shells as ornaments.
3. Murder committed to get a new feather to your cap.
4. The feet cramped.
5. Waist squeezed and so forth.

* * * *
The so-called Force of Character is nothing more nor less than the power to give suggestions. It is this power that brings worldly success.

* * * *
The really successful power of making suggestions is acquired by living up to what we preach, because in trying to realize our teachings we have to make constant auto-suggestions and these once auto-suggestions become powerful weapons of reforming others.
* * * *
Keeping yourself in the Giver position, the Sun of Good, make a Magnet of you and you are all active and masculine.

* * * *
All the Vedantic way of life is typified by Arjuna giving the reins of his horses unto Krishna.

To fight is your duty and not to bother about the circumstances.