O my direct blood relations,
Beat in arteries and in veins.
Plants and air, light and water,
All other relations are but chains.
Bone of bone, my blood of blood
Are mountains, rivers, sun and rains.

Violets, lilies laugh and smile,
My heart of heart their Joy contains.
Oceans, winds, and earths are running
In me as in city lanes
My Infinite, infinite Joy expresses
In heavenly music, celestial strains,
The sparkling drops of tears of stars
I shower forth in pouring rain,
The melodious song of the Ganges,


The music of the waving pines,
The echoes of the ocean’s war,
The lowing of the kine,
The liquid drops of dew,
The heavy lowering cloud,
The patter of the tiny feet,
The laughter of the crowd,
The golden beam of the sun,
The twinkle of the silent star,
The shimmering light of the silvery moon,
Shedding lustre near and far,
The flash of the flaming sword,
The sparkle of jewels bright,
The gleam of the lighthouse beacon light,
In the dark and foggy night,
The apple bosomed earth and heaven’s glorious wealth,
The soundless sound, the flameless light,
The darkness dark and wingless flight,
The mindless thought, the eyeless sight,
The mouth less talk, the handless grasp so light,

Am I, am I, am I.