We are always drawn to a familiar thing in a strange garb or abnormal position: Cf our own men in a strange country; familiar ideas in foreign books etc.
What we actually demand is the thing itself and not the way to obtain it, and of ways the most direct is the best; the less cause we need the better, and no cause at all is the best.

* * * *
Once more remember the lesson of SERVITUDE and Humility and Meekness.

* * * *
The body is Dasa (servant) of the Self; but when it serves only the personality, the limited self] it disrespects and abuses the Self, the self being the Self of all. My self-respect is vindicated by the body, being made the servant of all the self.

* * * *
Goodness implies satisfaction: that which all things aim at.

* * * *
“Pleasure and peace not being strong enough for you, you choose to suck pain also, and teach fever and famine to dance and sing.”

Filling up of the blank spaces in the visible world with the product of fancy.

These regions on which the young wing of Fancy is wont to alight and rest may be called


All mythological gods and theology

* * * *
Fancy, Imagination, child’s doll-play are all akin to the fundamental Hypnosis.

* * * *
All those that meet us, are they not endowed with a sense of personality in the same way as a child by a mysterious kind of Asana Pratishtha enlivens a doll?

Blind mechanical forces combining into a helpless resultant called Man.

A Hypnotized man is helpless. A man of God-Realization is master of the situation.
In the former there is no harmony between the subjective and objective.

In the latter the one has developed into the other. The one is lifting the veil, the other is thinning it.

* * * *
To the wind:
I felt you push, I heard you call, I could not see yourself at all.

* * * *
A little girl closes her eyes and says, “Mother, You cannot see me now.” Mother “I can, see you but you cannot see me.”

The Girl “I know you can see my body but you cannot see me”

* * * *
Your odour and aura is sweet and delightful if your mental ventilation is right.

Let your mind be open, receptive.

No Musty “MUST” of dogma and bondage can close down upon your DARING FREEDOM.

The child takes in the world most rapidly, so it requires most sleep.

The old man (when eyes have forgot to see etc) takes in less of the world and so he needs less of sleep.

The object in both cases is to rise above the world.

The night-time of the body is the day-time of the soul.

* * * *
“Sleep is not brought about by fatigue.”
1. Do not the idlers sleep as long as the working men?
2. Do not children sleep the longest?

If our nobler faculties have been idle and doing nothing during sleep by the operation of what force or by what necromancy, are we so transfigured in the morning?

Man is captured in sleep not by death, but by his better nature; today runs in through a deeper day to become the parent of to-morrow and to issue every morning, bright as the morning of life, and of life-size, from the peaceful womb of the cerebellum.