This part is written by Mrs.Eleanor P.Noye

“I n silence thou said, ‘Stay silent’, and thyself stood silent.” “As the sky is in no way affected by the formation and dispersion of clouds, so the real Self is in no way affected by the birth and death of the body.” – Hymns to Sri Arunachala.

It is now three years since Bhagavan Sri Ramana renounced his physical body, but according to the Vedic school, his loving spirit is ever with us, guiding us on the path of truth, ever waiting to make us one with him, unceasing in his love for all creatures. As the well-known Dr. C. G. Jung of Zurich said, “What we find in the life and teachings of Sri Ramana is the purest of India with its breadth of world liberated and liberating humanity, it is a chant of millenniums.”

Years ago when Sri Bhagavan lived on the hill a disciple asked him who he was, when Bhagavan replied:

“Within the sacred Lotus-heart of everyone,
From mighty Vishnu up in Heaven serene, to low
Down mortal man, the Self, as Pure Awareness, shines
Supreme, who is Arunachala Ramana Himself.
And when thy mind in love for Him doth pine and melt,
And reach the inmost heart, wherein He dwells as thine
Own Self, the Lord, belov’d, lo, then, thine inner eye
Would open, and as pure Awareness, Him reveal.”

Words cannot express the infinite love and tenderness we experienced during those last days beside him. He seemed to clasp us to his bosom as a mother clasps her child. As we beheld his utter submission, one could not help but think of Lord Jesus before the crucifixion. Sri Bhagavan treated his body as something apart from him. As the body grew weaker his face became more radiant, his eyes shone like two stars. He was ever abiding in the Self, or the Sun of Pure Consciousness. He made this remark a few days before he passed away. “They say I am dying, but I shall be more alive than before.” Now he is all- pervading.

Sri Bhagavan never asked anything for himself but was always looking after the comforts of the devotees, and he did this to the day he passed away. He insisted upon giving darshan twice daily and thousands walked past the room where he lay.

A brilliant meteor moved slowly across the sky and disappeared over Arunachala, just as Sri Bhagavan was released from his physical form at 8-47 p.m. on the 14th of April 1950 (Tamil month of Chitrai, Krishna Trayodasi), but it was not the end. He has no beginning or end. As the devotees chanted “ARUNACHALA SIVA” (a hymn he composed while walking around the Hill), the curtain was drawn on one of the greatest souls that ever trod this earth. Sri Bhagavan is indeed a blessing to all mankind.

But what tribute can a candle pay to the sun? “What we best conceive, we fail to speak.” “The Blessed shall hear no vain words, but only the word ‘PEACE’.” (Koran).