Oh Mother Earth, Father sky, Brother water, Sister wind, Sweetheart light.
Here take my last salutation with folded hands!
For today I am melting away into the Supreme.
Because my heart become pure,
And all delusions vanished
Through the power of your good company.

Tomorrow’s occurrence has no relation of cause and effect with today’s doings. Every moment requires at-one-ment with God in order to prove auspicious.

* * * *
Conscience = The gathered experience of ages inherited by man warning him against the path of danger.

* * * *
India. She who has held open port to all fugitives is unable now to give bread to her own children.

She with whom Parsi, Jew and Christian have been
thankful to take refuge is despised and ostracised by all three alike.

He who robs you of possessions = Thief
He who robs you of the sense of possession is Guru (Krishna).

* * * *
“To your own self be true. Yes, but is not the self of others (their feelings) your own Self?

The Self within is the Self without Yes, but the Real Self and not the false-Self induced by “Sense-slavery.”

* * * *
Things are not as they seem. The surface historian (observer) misses the point.

Revolutionary orators, (Ex. R. Ingersoll, Paine, Keshub Sen etc.) no doubt draw large audiences and ready applause for the time; but they pass away like meteors and comets; It is the steady, continuous (and not impulsive) force that conquers nations.
(Connecting the past with the future)
Not aggressive and offensive but the work of service wins.

* * * *
You have not to be true to the false-self because it is not true to itself.

The teacher of religious thought must take, only that food which keeps him one with the All. Every other kind of food is as bad as wine and opium, making him feel other than he is.

R – It is not logical but psychological accuracy that convinces.

It is not the “Age of Reason” but the “Sage of Faith” that carries the day.

Logic (Reason) is simply the surface-show.

Talk not over the heads of the audience (but you may write free).

If you make them walk too fast, they will stumble and fall and consequently curse you and give you up. It will do nobody good.
Some try to think that they are a part of God, as your hand is a part of you. But your hand is not a part of you, for if your hand is cut off, you are still one and not divided.

They denounce Blind Faith. We might just as well call down Rash Reasoning.

True fact = enlightening people with due regard to their psychological condition or mental capacity.

If the Hindus were as sensible to personal beauty as the Europeans (and Greeks), they perhaps could not have discovered the Truth, Brahma Satyam Jaganmithya.

The true work is God-consciousness. If you could keep it up in New York’s busy life, well and alright, if you could keep it up in the solitary caves of the Himalayas, it will produce a wonderful effect all the same. The place, form and mode of activity is of little matter.

* * * *
As to the defilement by the touch of the mouth, there are three exceptions according to the laws of Hindu Theocracy.

“The beaks of birds, the lips of women and the words of poets.”

How many are those who have longed to lose themselves in a paradise of devotion and been refused by the armed reason standing at the gate.