Through co-ordination, yet letting the Vedanta light shine on all alike.

Let them assimilate according to their capacity.

The temporary experience in which the subject becomes unconceived of bodily sensation is called Samadhi.

The process by which he comes out of Samadhi time after time, to work its volume of force, into his daily life is known as realization.

* * * *
And the path of service in purity of motive is spoken of as Karma Yog.

* * * *
If the sun should say to the oaks of Bashan, I have revealed my warmth and light to the cedars of Lebanon, but I will not do so to you; you must grow and flourish on my revelation of goodness and power to those beautiful Lebanon cedars, the oaks of Bashan would be no more. Neither could the lilies of the field live on the Sun that shines upon the mountain pines.

Nor could Bacon, Shakespeare, Voltaire live upon a revelation made to Buddha, Christ, or Mohammad.

The scholar’s austerity of study, the artist’s striving to become the witness, the lover’s desire to sacrifice himself; all speak, however unconsciously, of our longing not to be, that the Indefinite, the universal consciousness, may abide within us.

* * * *
Fatalism = an undignified acceptance of things because they are unaccountable and not to be interfered with.
Karma = a dignified acceptance because they are so entirely accountable that events require no acceleration.

“Since that which exists is one,” it is absurd to suppose an ultimate contradiction between the human reason and the universe.

* * * *
Aristides first complies with the request of the peasant to ostracism and then, on mildly inquiring its reason was answered, “I am tired of hearing him called the Just”.

* * * *
The Garden of India if it is robbed, it is because the barbed fence or thorny hedges were wanting. Put in prickly thickets all around. Be not rash enough to pull out the roses and fruit trees in the centre in the name of redressing the wrongs. The intellectual wealth of India is welcome every way.

* * * *
The desires that burn within us are but a subjective apprehension of what is to be.

India is suffering like Job. Be patient and prosperity will surely come.

* * * *
Suicide cannot solve the problem of life. Can the schoolboy make progress in Arithmetic by wiping from his slate the sum he could not work?

* * * *
God would walk with anyone if only one would walk alone.

* * * *
Who was it Siva that first came and rubbed himself with those soft white ashes, in order to be clothed upon with the worship of God and separation from the world?

Who was it that first retired into cave or Jungle, and meditated until his hair became a tangled mass, and his nails grew long and his body emaciated and he still pursued the sublime bliss of the soul?

Shiva is the Himalayas, Shiva is flame. A flame is white but it has a blue throat. We see it even when we light a match.
The most gigantic tasks to a self-poised man are as the lifting of a flower’s fragrance by the summer-breeze.

“It is good to be born in a Church but it is foolish to die there.”

* * * *
Sarvadharman, etc. Putting aside all doctrines come thou to me alone for shelter.

* * * *
So great Jnanam (knowledge) that though thou should be “Even the most sinful of all sinners, thou shalt cross safely to the conquest of all sin by the bark of wisdom alone.” – Gita

Not the body and mind but true Atman is myself. I as Atman am the only reality, all else is mere suggestion. The Reality is neither subject nor object.

We must love before we can know—
a subject, math etc, music.
a person
a religion or people,
Is it not blasphemy to say (an Urdu word)? What is God but Truth? To contradict it is downright blasphemy.

* * * *
Just as white (Siva) to the dweller amongst northern snows, signifies purity, so Blue (Vishnu), the colour of sky and ocean, to the child of the South is the token of the Infinite.

Thou hast no right to success if thou art not also equal to failure.

* * * *
Not the withdrawn but the transfigured life, radiant with power and energy, triumphant in its selflessness, is religion.

So far as (an Urdu word) is concerned, the object is not to proselytize but to serve and bring joy.

My work is done when more light, more peace, more love and humanity is evoked in the hearts of the audience.

If your Prophets and Gods have placed you above Pain, alright. Else my solution is at your service, if you please. It has made me Happy, it can make others so. Assimilate it, make it your own. Take it on your own authority and attitude.

* * * *
No matter how rapidly the wheel revolves, the centre is perfectly still. “Be still and know that I am God.”

* * * *
It was Mohammad’s realization of God’s love for man, however little he may have put it into words, that thrilled through the Arab world, and drew the tribe as one man to fight beneath his banner.

If I were a nightingale, I would not try to sing like a canary bird, else my effort