Vedanta‟ (Non-Dualism) …..”
Mahatma Gandhi
(Father of Indian Nation)
“….. Swami Rama Tirtha was one of the greatest
souls, not only of India, but of the whole world …..”
Madan Mohan Malviya
(Founder of Banaras Hindu University &
ex-President, All India Congress Committee)
“….. I have never come across a greater self-realized
Mahatma (than Swami Rama Tirtha). His message
will be a great boon for the coming generations …..”
In Woods of God-Realization Volume 1
Vinoba Bhave
(A great saint, social reformer & Gandhian
“….. Swami Rama Tirtha symbolized Indian spirit
Raman Maharshi
“….. Swami Rama Tirtha represents True Atman …..”
Swami Shivanand
(Founder of Divine Life Society)
“….. Swami Rama Tirtha lived Practical Vedanta …..
He is Soul Incarnate …..”
Swami Shraddhanand
(ex-President Arya Samaj)
“….. Swami Rama Tirtha is a spirit of actual
liberation from material control ….. He is free as air
Guru Charan Singh
In Woods of God-Realization Volume 1
(ex-Head, Radha Swami Satsang)
“….. Swami Rama Tirtha‟s utterances were joyous
cry of happy heart, completely confident of his own
experiences …..”
Swami Chinmayanand
(Founder, Chinmay Mission)
“….. Swami Rama Tirtha has imprints,
all-embracing and all-pervading. To understand
him is to live Vedanta …..”
Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(First President of Republic of India)
“….. Swami Rama Tirtha was a great source of
inspiration ….. His words go deep into the hearts
of the people …..”
Dr. S. Radhakriahnan
(Second President of Republic of India)
“….. Swami Rama Tirtha was a Vedantin of
Shankaracharya order ….. He pronounced Advait
Vedanta (non-Dualism) in his own fashion. His life
and work will continue to guide the people …..”
In Woods of God-Realization Volume 1
Sardar Zail Singh
(ex-President of India)
“….. Swami Rama Tirtha was one with the whole
humanity ….. A poet-monk he sang with nature,
pulsated with nature ….”
Lal Bahadur Shastri
(Second Prime Minister of India)
“….. I got immense inspiration from Swami Rama
Tirtha ….. A Practical Vedantin, Swami Rama was
also a great patriot who will continue to guide the
Indian youths how to uplift the Nation …..”
Mrs. Indira Gandhi
(Third Prime Minister of India & also Chairperson
of Swami Rama Tirtha Birth Centenary
Celebrations )
“….. Swami Rama Tirtha is one of the greatest
saint-philosopher, India has produced. We are
proud of him. ….. We should cherish his memory
and try to live his Vedanta …..”
J. B. Kriplajni
(ex-President, All India Congress committee)
In Woods of God-Realization Volume 1
“….. A God-intoxicated soul, Swami Rama Tirtha
realized the presence of God every where and in all
mankind ….. He moved with God and lived with
God …..”
C. F. Andrews
(„Desh-Bandhu‟ as he was called in India and a
“….. Another personality, in many ways far more
attractive than that of Swami Vivekanand, carried
the same movement of new Vedanta …..”
Sheikh Abdulla
(First Prime Minister of Jammu & Kashmir State of
Indian Union)
“….. Swami Rama Tirtha showed us the way to
know God …..”
Mohammad Iqbal
(A poet and a scholar)
“….. Rama is all sense and consciousness …..”
In Woods of God-Realization Volume 1
[Though Swami Rama Tirtha stayed in Japan hardly for a
fortnight, his presence and oration was widely
appreciated. Those who came in his contact in this short
duration cherished his memory for a long time.]
A Few Press-Comments
“….. At the Buddhist University, Tokyo, Swami
Rama Tirtha spoke shedding sparks of fire. In the
audience were also Buddhists and Theosophists
from Australia who listened to him with rapt
attention and with him on the same platform spoke
Mr. Kanzo Uchimura, the Carlyle of Japan …..”
“….. Swami Rama Tirtha delivered a great lecture in
the Tokyo College of Commerce. Its wonderful
flow attracted a great attention of the people …..”
The Russian Ambassador in Japan, having seen the
reports of his lecture in the papers, was attracted
towards Swami Rama Tirtha with whom he wanted
an interview, but by that time Swami Rama had left
for U.S.A.
Professor Takakutsu of the Tokyo Imperial
University says: “I have met many Pandits and
Philosophers at the house of Professor Max Muller
In Woods of God-Realization Volume 1
in England and other places, but I have never seen a
personality like Swami Rama. In him Vedanta and
Buddhism meet. He is true religion. He is a true
poet and philosopher.”
It was in 1902 that a ship sailing from Japan reached its
destination, the port of San Francisco on whose deck was
walking a Sanyasin—Swami Rama—in Divine Joy.
Attracted by the glow of Rama, an American gentleman
approached him as to know about his destination and his
belongings etc. A mere touch of the shoulders of the
American—Dr. Hillar—by „Rama‟, travelling without a
penny, baggage and acquaintance in America, satisfied
all his queries and Dr. Hillar became an ardent admirer of
Rama. Thus stepped Rama on the land of U.S.
About „Rama‟ this gentleman—Dr. Hillar wrote:
“….. He is a torch of knowledge hailing from the
Himalayas, the fire can burn him not, the steel can
cut him not. Tears of ecstasy roll down his eyes and
his very presence gives new life. …..”
A few comments of U.S. Press
In Woods of God-Realization Volume 1
“….. Out of the Jungles of upper India has came a
man of astonishing wisdom, a prophet, a
philosopher, a scientist and a priest …..”
“….. This remarkable sage of the Himalayas is a
slender, intellectual young man, with ascetic mould
of a priest …..” How do I live? To answer this
question he said yesterday, „This is simple. I do not
try. I believe. I attune my soul to the harmony of
love for all man, that makes all men to love me and
where love is, there is no want, no suffering …..”
“….. Men from India not infrequently reach this Port
(Portland). But seldom if ever has any such
learning, such broad human sympathies, such
unselfish motives arrived here …..”
“….. At Denver, Swami Rama Tirtha announced in
his lecture as “Every day is a New Year Day, and
every night a X-Mas Night.” It so startled the
audience and there was long applause …..”
“….. The President of the United States on his way
to the north stopped at Springs (Shastra) awhile …..
he accepted from Rama most gracefully, lovingly
and cheerfully the “Appeal on behalf of India …..”
(May 20, 1903) “….. Whenever and wherever he has
In Woods of God-Realization Volume 1
addressed an audience or class, he has spoken with
purpose and effect and has drawn men out of their
littleness …..”
“….. His (Rama‟s) mission in America is two fold.
Primarily it is to interest Americans in his own
country and country men ….. His second object is to
spread his philosophy, his glorious gospel of man‟s
oneness with the eternal …..”
“….. Briefly and broadly speaking Swami Rama
Tirtha stands where philosophy and practical
science meet …..”
On his way back to India in 1904, Swami Rama
Tirtha got a chance to step on the land of Egypt as
the ship carrying him stopped there for a while.
The people there were impressed by him and
requested Rama to address the gathering from the
pulpit of the famous mosque at Cairo. Not only the
people who heard him in their own language, but
the Press also spoke high of Rama. The
paper—„Alabhat‟ says:
“….. Swami Rama Tirtha was given a warm
In Woods of God-Realization Volume 1
welcome by the people here when he delivered a
lecture in Persian in the Mosque. Swami Rama is a
great Hindu genius, to meet whom was a great
privilege …..”
Rama’s Promise
Whether working through many souls or alone,
Rama seriously promises to infuse true life and
dispel darkness and weakness from India within
ten years; and within the first half of the twentieth
century, India will be restored to more than its
original glory. Let these words be recorded.
Swami Rama Jan. 1, 1900
Rama lays claim to no mission. All missions are his.
He is you and you are he. No Plurality. No Duality.
This is the Truth, Rama expounds, Rama lives,
Rama sheds, Rama bestows. This realization of
Truth can be had by anybody as Truth is nobody‟s
preserve, Truth belongs to one and all. This aspect
is brought home by the volumes of „In Woods of
God-realization‟ in which Rama speaks to us
directly from his heart of hearts and lays before us
the ideas which he has practically mastered
himself. He advises us to accept what he says only
In Woods of God-Realization Volume 1
when it comes true to the test.
The present volume—the first in the series of „In
Woods of God-Realization‟, now in its eleventh
edition, gives an impetus and inspiration to the
readers to tread the path of Truth by themselves
and not by proxy to know what Truth is. „To know
is to become‟. „Know Truth and become Truth‟.
This is Vedanta and this is what Rama expresses.
This volume now in the hands of the Truth-seekers
has three parts, the first being the „Pole Star
Within‟. It removes the mist of ignorance and
unfolds „Real Self‟ „which is home of happiness and
the substratum of everything in all the states of the
dreamlessness, dream-land and wakefulness. The
second part is the „Fountain of Power‟ which
unravels the secret of success and tells how to
achieve it and become that fountain-head
wherefrom Real Power flows continuously and
fulfils all desires one may entertain. The third
part—the „Aids to Realization‟ explains, besides
other aspects of life, the Law of Life Eternal. It is
this law which rules everything conceivable or
non-conceivable. This law—the Law of „Trishul‟ is
very harsh on those who violate it and there is no
escape. But those who abide by it are allowed to
In Woods of God-Realization Volume 1
ride over it and reap the eternal life. This part also
provides guide-lines for married life and explain
what Vedanta stands for.
Since 1909, seven Volumes of „In Woods of
God-Realization‟ have been published by the
Pratisthan. These explain the practicability of
Vedanta, which was and is, perhaps, read merely as
good food for the intellectual consumption. It is
Rama who declares that if Vedanta does not
remove your chill; if it does not cast off your
burden, then kick it aside. He pronounces in
unequivocal terms that „Vedanta printed in books
and placed on shelves to be eaten up by worms,
would not do. You must live it‟.
This living Vedanta is what Rama preached and
what Rama lived. There is no other way. This
Vedanta may be called by any name one chooses,
but the content of Vedanta is eternal and
omnipresent. To achieve this content—„TRUTH‟,
one is to pay the price and without paying the price
one cannot have it. The price, Rama explains, is:
Denial of little self and Assertion of real self. One
may pay this price by continuous feeling Godhead,
Knowing God-head and becoming all pervading
In Woods of God-Realization Volume 1
God —”sarvaM khalvidam.h brahma”. It is
Brahman which is omnipresent, omnipotent and
omniscient. And „That Thou Art‟— tatvamaasi. The
Pratisthan hopes that the inquisitive seekers of
Truth will be inspired by these Volumes of „In
Woods of God-Realization‟ in their search and
mission. Success is theirs, once they are convinced
of Real Self. The only need is to live in Self and
roam in the their pristine glory of Divinity. That is
Rama‟s Promise.
Om! Om!! Om!!!
Bhagwat Swarup, Hony. Secretary
Swami Rama Tirtha Pratisthan,
Lucknow. Rama‟s Birthday, 22 October 1999