His answer flashed as lightning in my heart:
No, neither vanity, nor shame
Taints me, no kind of blame!
Bo you wish me to bare ray Sell glorious, rare?
Are you candid, sincere,

Then, why don’t you, Dear,
Take off all Thy clothes,
And Thyself do disclose?
Tear, tear out the blinds,
Don’t you hide behind,
No curtain, partition,
Name, fame or position,
Body, mind or possession,
Loves, hatreds and passion,
Claims, clingings, designs,
All “mine and thin” renounce, resign.
Tear, tear out the blinds,
Yourself don’t conceal,
Burn, burn off the seal,
Rend asunder the veil
Come hail, all hail!
Please don’t you delay,
I say,
To clasp Me, strip Thou naked bare,
And lo! ’tis Thou art me so fair,
So fair!
Delightful! Delicious! How lovely and sweet!

His covers I find my covers and sheets.
His blankets and quilts my blankets and quilts,
Lo! Off go the blankets!

Off covers and quilts,
He is I, I He,
No He, She, Me, or Thee.