It is (An Urdu Word) to raise your mind above the two worlds, It is laziness and inertia to be led by the current controlled by the sense of possession.
There was nothing so important to him (Thoreau) as his walk. He had no walks to throw away on company. Visits were offered him from respectful parties, but he declined them.

* * * *
The best place for each one is just where he stands.
“I think, nothing is to be hoped from you if this bit of mould under your feet is not sweeter to you to eat than any other in this world or in any world.”

* * * *
Aristotle: One who surpasses his fellow-citizens in virtue is no longer a part of the city. Their law is not for him, since he is a law to himself.

* * * *
Only he can be trusted with gifts who can present a face of bronze to expectations.


I ask to be melted. You can only ask of the metals that they be tender to the fire that melts them. To nought else can they be tender.