The people arrested, Shams says,
“My name is Mohammad,
The rabble will not take gold
That is not coined.”

* * * *
The Rod of Moses swallows up the rods and other engines of Pharoah’s magicians (70 camel loads) and yet became no thicker or longer. Lighted taper devours darkness without suffering any addition or loss in it. Men read into Nature what they find in themselves.

* * * *
Love may be found in the heart of an anchorite, never in the heart of a libertine.

The parrot released on the condition of giving three pieces of wise advice:
1. On the hand: “Believe not unreasonable.”
2. On the roof: “Repent not the past, I contained 8 lbs diamond stone.”
3. On the wings: “You don’t deserve the third

* * * *
“Unless you feel all, you know not all.”

Certain it is that the natural and primitive relationship of soul to soul is a relationship of beauty. Beauty is the only language of our soul. Beauty is the only food of our soul. In nothing else can it take interest.

* * * *
The Bible and other Religions are worn merely like amulets about the necks; (full of virtue and efficacy of all kinds) entering in no way into the practical life. Let not America and India attribute their rise and fall to the amulets they wear but to the life they live.

A man sent a broken dish to a Chinaman as a sample, ordering a new one to be made. The Chinaman makes a new dish and then breaks it just to the same extent as the sample dish was broken.

* * * *
The restless hands of a clock no longer rule me with an iron hand.

The hands moving within so small a circle do no longer drag me into their little circle; it no longer divides eternity into fragments.

* * * *
“Do I contradict myself?
Very well, then, I contradict myself.” W. Whitman.

* * * *
Better than any theology is man.
Better than any metaphysical idea of God is woman.

* * * *
“Our hymn books resound with a melodious cursing of God and enduring him forever.” Thoreau.

Every moment should be the end and the beginning of all your undertakings and life.

Let coherence and consistency take care of itself.

* * * *
Of course arguments never convince. They usually are excuses the soul furnishes to the mechanical side of itself for entertaining certain convictions.

Who that has been with his fellowmen in their sorest need has not found that all one man can do for another is to be himself strong, convinced, patient, and to press the sick or dying doubter’s hand tenderly?

* * * *
“Have you rid yourself of idols made with hands “? Well, so far, so good.

Have you rid yourself of idols made by the imaginations? If not, then you are worshipping disembodied idols, ghosts of idols.

Obedience to the Ahankar is being yourself. To be real is the best homage to Reality.

* * * *
“If I worship one thing more than another, it shall be the spread of my own body”.

“I dote on myself, there is that lot of me and all so luscious.

Each moment and whatever happens thrills me with joy”.

* * * *
Why! “Is there no greater body than your body? Why not prefer to worship an Apollo Belvedre? Surely there are more adequate symbols – better idols!”

Answer: The seed perfection nestles safely enclosed in every being and after all size is only development. Anything is but a part. Only the whole is really divine, therefore each thing in its place is equally fit as symbol of that perfect Idea.

I do not call the tortoise unworthy because she is not something else.

Do you suppose there can be but a single Supreme? There can be any number of Supremes – one does not countervail another any more than one eyesight countervails another, or one life countervails another.

* * * *
All history tastes good, and becomes mine.

* * * *
Do not all lines converge to my eyes?

* * * *
I deal in no cast-iron theories of creation.

* * * *
The soul has that measureless pride which revolts from every lesson but its own. …. fell from Heaven by not recognizing God in man.

* * * *
You can rise to Heaven only by seeing the Son as Father.

Adam and Ahmad or Isah stand for yourself, O man.

Also, seeing God in place of man means ignoring “personalities” altogether.
Be true to yourself and the world is true to you.

* * * *
Defeat is as glorious as Victory.
The true gauge of Success is Soul-growth.

* * * *
Is there any such evil as sloth (idleness)? No. Rest is ever welcome.

But the real evil is “the frittering away of energy on trifles (i.e. on vanities, on personalities and other offshoots of dualism).” For want of proper observation and lack of accurate naming it is called “sloth.”

Out of true Rest is born successful activity, just as from a spring bubbles forth water.