Religion is as universal and vitally connected with our being as the act of eating. The successful atheist knows not the process of his own digestion as it were.

After seven years1 experience.

For Vedanta, purity of Patra is extremely indispensable. If there remains the least inkling of; (Urdu word), personality, self-defending inclination (Urdu words) before the pure ‘milk of Advaita is poured, the whole curdles or effervescence and deterioration takes place. Health is secured by eating when the previous meal is thoroughly digested and gone down the stomach. Otherwise the old meal corrupts into deadly germs and breeds all sorts of diseases, while adulterating the whole of the fresh and pure food. So with the spiritual stomach. Entire surrender, no self-defence, no (Urdu word) but (Urdu word). (Urdu word), is the only price for this (Urdu words).

When we are out of tune with (Urdu word), we do not see the way, miss the path of Law and must suffer While in God, the right methods, the right impulses, right inclinations spontaneously well up in the heart and lead us to the rich landscapes, mountain scenes, refreshing springs of Peace, Prosperity, and Purity, or the blissful light in us of itself draws life and love toward us. Anything that dims the Divine Light in us, any company or associations which tend to lower the Satva Guna are deadly enemies, or seductive Satan, especially aggressive ignorance.