What wins in the Struggle for existence? Love.

Those communities which can put their hearts together, their heads in harmony, and their hands in loving service, though few in numbers, come off victorious in struggle against teeming millions of divided energies.

Struggle is of three kinds: (1) with the unlike, (2) with the like, and (3) against nature.

Where, instead of wasting energy in struggle with the like through jealousy, spirit of rivalry, and party feeling, alliance with the like is secured, sure victory is achieved in the Struggle with the unlike.

“All forms of tyranny have their beginning in kindness” is a saying too true. And where love even for the unlike is entertained, victory and success in our struggle with nature is guaranteed and the conquering of the elements becomes an easy matter. And all struggle with nature in tantamount to realizing on the material plane the truth “I am the ruling spirit of all.”