From the chapter PART III Diary of the book “Guru Ramana – Memories and Notes” by S. S. Cohen.

5th September

9-40 a.m. A visitor hands the Maharshi a very beautiful walking stick, which seems to be made of the best ebony. Maharshi takes it, turns it on all sides, and carefully examines every part of it, then stretches it back to the giver, who signifies that it is an offering for Bhagavan. Sri Bhagavan replies, “What will I do with it?” and, turning to the disciples, he smilingly says:

“In olden days I used to make and give away sticks. Nowadays I am being presented with them. What will I do with them? If I take this stick, it will remain here unused till someone will one day carry it off. Then the presenter will feel sorry. Will it not then be better for him to take it back right now and, seeing it, he will always remember me?”The devotees laughed, and the visitor’s depression turned to elation, which made him exclaim: “Your grace has overwhelmed me; I’ll cherish it all my life, as it has been hallowed by Bhagavan’s touch.”