We can trust our life to it; belief in it adds to the safety of life.

Action based on illusions leads to death (mirage).
Truth makes you free and gives you life.

* * * *
What we know as pain is the necessary danger signal. Organic beings need such stimulus to veracity.
A man in a light skiff in a tortuous channel beset with rocks borne by a falling current to an unknown sea is kept alert by the dangers of his situation. As his boat bumps against the rocks he must bestir himself. If this contact were not painful, he would not heed it.

* * * *
An ideal is not a dream. A dream is fleeting. An ideal has the Will behind it. The persistence of a lofty ideal is the central axis of the life worth living.

* * * *
If the strong man is to cast off conventionality and suggestion and authority as guides to conduct, so must he guard himself against hereditary impulses. To escape from human control only to be ruled by the animal passions is not liberty. That freedom which is thraldom to sin brings destruction.

To be free from the control of others one should be wise enough to control himself.