From the chapter PART III Diary of the book “Guru Ramana – Memories and Notes” by S. S. Cohen.

2nd March, 1949

5-15 p.m. The very aged Ashram stapati, the master sculptor, who has been absent since a long time, probably due to old age ailments, came in tottering, carrying fruit offerings. As the Maharshi saw him approach, his eyes opened widely and shone with extreme delight, as if he had seen a long-missed friend, which the old stapati observed. Stapati was so touched by these signs of Bhagavan’s affection that his whole body shook. He wanted to give expression to his love and adoration for Sri Bhagavan, but he did not know how to do it. Finally he yielded to his impulse and, contravening the Ashram rule which forbade the touch of the Master’s body, fell flat on Maharshi’s feet and legs and bathed them with tears. Two attendants gently helped him to rise and gave him a seat very near Bhagavan’s couch. After he calmed down Sri Maharshi enquired after his health, the cause of his absence and all his other news. It was a sight to see Sri Bhagavan so deeply moved in meeting again an old Ashram worker, who had taken a leading part in the architectural designs of his mother’s temple according to the rules prescribed by the Hindu Shastras.