Sri Ramana: A Pure Channel For A Higher Power – Paul Brunton

Again and again he gave us this teaching, that the real Maharshi was not the body which people saw; it was the inner being. Those who never made the journey to India during his life time may take comfort in this thought that it is possible to invoke his presence wherever they are, and to feel its reality in the heart.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana, The Light Divine – Dr.T.M.P.Mahadevan

Bhagavan found its location on the right side of the chest. It is not the physical heart which is on the left side, it is the spiritual heart. Not that it is there physically. The surgeon’s knife cannot exhibit it. It is the spiritual heart which Bhagavan Ramana located on the right side of the chest, so that we may meditate on it and gain progress in the path of jnana. How should one enquire? Bhagavan has given us a wondrous method. It is the simple enquiry of ‘Who am I?’ Bhagavan Ramana held that the word ‘Aham’, is the most sacred of all mantras, more sacred even than the Pranava itself. It is more efficacious than all the mantras. This again is a true discovery of Bhagavan. It is true that the Pranava is the sound-symbol of Brahman. But what is easier to understand is ‘Aham’ (I). You may deny everything else but you cannot deny the Self.