I have heard about Bhagavan Sri Ramana in 1922 as one of those Upanishadic rishis now living in our midst. From that time I had a great desire to see him. My brother passed away. And a thought struck me that I might go to Tiruvannamalai to see the sage and gain peace of mind. Accordingly I reached Tiruvannamalai on a hot summer day in the month of May, 1927, and after a bath and meals repaired to the Ashram. Sri Ramana was seated on a cot in a thatched shed and in front of him some devotees were seated. I prostrated before the sage and handed over a packet of sweets. He distributed it to every one present including a dog.

From 1927 onwards, I visited Sri Ramana Ashram now and then to have Bhagavan’s darshan. I had nothing to ask being an ignorant person. I was content to have his darshan for hours together and that used to give me indescribable joy and peace. I could also listen to his replies to the questions put by earnest devotees.

My last visit was in January 1950, i.e., a few months beforeĀ Mahanirvana. This time I wanted to take personal leave of him, and having prostrated before him, I said in Telugu, ” I am getting back to my place after a stay of five days in the Ashram, as I have no more leave.” Sri Ramana graciously smiled and replied in Telugu, “sari, manchidi.” (Well, well, it is alright.) Just as I got out of his presence and was getting down the steps of Sri Matrubhuteswara Temple, I began to sob, uncontrollably, feeling that I was leaving a Divine Personage and I was feeling sorry as to when, or if, I would be able to see him again.

It is my firm belief that Sri Ramana’s Grace is always there in abundance for his devotees, nay for all. My hope is that I should deserve and become a full recipient of the same. Sanatana Dharma holds out the hope that one can obtain the full grace by working out one’s way through many more births, if not in this birth.

A thousand pranams to the sacred feet of Sri Ramana who was none other than God in flesh and blood when He appeared before us in human form.