Your league should be with Truth alone. Even if you are obliged to stand alone, live with Truth, die in Truth. If on the ethereal heights of Truth-living thou art left alone, the Sun of Righteousness should be companion enough for you. Comrades will begin to pour in by taking the living suggestion from you. That organization will be natural. Don’t run after organizing.

I do not want to produce any converts. I simply live the Truth.

Truth requires no defence and defenders. Does the sunlight require any apostles and messengers?

I do not spread the truth, the Truth speeds through me.

If the people of India all forsake me, what care I? I am the Truth.

Jesus, his own people forsook him, rejected him, what of that, then?
Other nations, who were his spiritual neighbours, took him up.

If the past and present generations cast me out, all future is mine, as sure as the Sun must rise tomorrow. Every new discovery of Truth always starts with a minority of one.

Do the Vedanta texts say the same things? Did Shams-i-Tabrez sing the same melody? Did the strong Gopal Singh and sweet Bulla shah of the Punjab chant the same hymn? Did Christ babble the same Truth? That is nothing to me* Let millions of people before me have seen the same moon, my ‘Id comes when I see her.

* * * *
Shankar’s great mistake was that he did hide his light beneath a bushel. Why waste his time in torturing the old texts to squeeze out the Truth which was to him a matter of personal realization, than which there can be no higher authority? Others came, they took the same helpless words and forced out meanings of their own from the very same texts. All along the dreadful error was to invert the natural order, the living Self was made a slave to the ghosts of old books.

Dear, you may not relish these ideas, but remember it is unmixed love that speaks.

(Here is an Urdu verse)

Does a simple mathematical truth, say, “the two angles of a triangle are together greater than the third ” gain a whit in weight if Christ, Mohammad, Buddha, Zoroaster, Vedas and all come and bear testimony to it.

* * * *
Confound not “Truth” which is defined as the same yesterday, today, and forever with a particular occurrence.

Truth is to be known and not like the latter an incident to be believed on authority.

The Law of Gravitation we know ourselves and we
do not believe in it on the authority of Newton.
Chemical Truths, unless we know them, directly through experiments, it is sinful crushing of the intellect to stuff the brain by BELIEF in them.

* * * *
Is it not a pity that the world has had to pick up religion in a haphazard way from the gutters of choking theology?

It is time to make a SCIENCE of RELIGION. Come, have it, this is what Rama calls Practical Vedanta.

Let us use the Prophets and Scriptures instead of being used by them.

The Laws are for man, man is not for Laws.

* * * *
Does Vedanta stand in need of proof and argumentation? Why? Mere enunciation of it in the proper form is proof incontrovertible.

* * * *
Looking straight means looking at persons as we look at trees and rivers, fearlessly projecting no personality in them as a child, fearlessly seeing my own Self and no stranger.

Who has life?
Who can die at any instant for Truth?

He-goat, die to create Id for some!

* * * *
In so far as she-goat is selfish, she is foolish. Rest assured! All her seeming cunning will avail not against your self-sacrificing wisdom.

* * * *
Do not take up the “wood, hay, or stubble” of the old which has been tried in the fire and found wanting.

Twelve hundred patriots being slain, the people woke in France.