The 108 Names of Sri Bhagavan (Ramana Ashtothara 39-43) Original Sanskrit by Sri Viswanatha Swami and English Translation & Commentary by Professor K. Swaminathan

39.  Virupaksha guhavasah: Dweller in the Virupaksha cave.

[Here Bhagavan lived for about 16 years, 1900 – 1916. Virupaksha is one of the names of Siva, the god with a third, supernormal eye. The word also means the heart-cave. During this period Bhagavan’s radiance shone at its brightest and Ganapati Muni hailed him as Bhagavan Maharshi. If the power of the presence was most obvious and compelling then, it was because clouds had not begun to hide the Sun which shines for ever the same. The cloudless sky in which to see this sun is the devotee’s own heart].

Om Viruâpaksha guhavasaya namah.

40.  Virajadachalak tih: One whose form is radiant stillness.

[During the Virupaksha days, not only men, women and children, but even monkeys and other animals stood transfixed in blissful stillness in the presence of Bhagavan. Arunachala is ‘frozen fire’ and people saw in Bhagavan a human embodiment of this blend of brightness and stillness].

Om Virajadachalak taye namah.

41. Uddipta nayanah: He of lustrous eyes.

[The Grace rising like a fountain from his heart streamed out through those lustrous eyes. The phrase also means : Distinguished leader on the well-lit spiritual path, one who leads others to the ever-present glow of the Heart].

Om uddipta nayanaya namah.

42.  Pârnah: The perfect one.

[Free from body-consciousness, free from any trace of ego, he is firmly established in the perfect state of Pure Awareness. Like the full moon or the bright unclouded sun, He shines in His own intrinsic splendour].

Om Pârnaya namah.

43.     Rachitachala tandavah: Dancer dancing the dance of stillness.

[Like the still foot of Nataraja, the state of pure Being, the bliss of Awareness, is a joyous, vibrant sphurana which is both rest and movement. Siva as Arunachala is the Master of this dance of stillness].

Om Rachitachala tandavaya namah.