From Note Book 4 of ‘In Woods of God-Realization’

The story of Kacha Brihaspati:-— “Within the time taken in the squeezing of a flower or the twinkling of an eye, this Ahankara can be easily eradicated”.

* * * *
Parameshwara deigned to answer Bhringi in the following terms:

“If after destroying thy doubts, thou clingest to Truth, thou wilt become the great actor, the great enjoyer, and the great renouncer”

He who does not, like the Mithya Purusha, fondly attach himself to ghatakash and the like, he who is the true renouncer, he alone is the highest enjoyer and the supreme actor.

Mirage in an oasis
Conclusion: Yog Vasishtha.

Now addressing the assembly, Vasishtha said thus: “In order that all persons in this hall may without exception understand the drift of what we say, we shall now, with our hands raised on high, proclaim to all thus – “It is only Sankalpa destroyed beyond resurrection that constitutes the immlaculate Brahmic Seat.”