By Felicia R.Scatcherd (“Felix Rudolph”)
This Chapter is Taken from  The Book “Glimpses of The Life and Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi” described by Frank H. Humphreys.

This Chapter is Taken from More Authentic Mahatmas – By Felicia R.Scatcherd (“Felix Rudolph”), in The Book “Glimpses of The Life and Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi” described by Frank H. Humphreys.

“Mr. Thurstan’s articles are often talked of. We could do with more about India and visits to the Masters.” So wrote a friend with reference to the International Psychic Gazette.

The same day brought me a packet of letters from a young friend in India. I had not seen him since he was in his teens. I shall call him Mr. Frank. It is his Christian name, and suits him admirably, so I shall not change it. I shall transcribe his experiences as far as possible in his own words.


About three months ago, I met in my sleep a great man. I spoke about it to the Telugu Munshi here. The Munshi brought me some pictures. I picked out the man at once from the others. Last Friday, this man was coming through Vellore to go to a Theosophical Conference, at Tiruvannamalai. He does not belong to the Theosophical Society. All Masters work for the common good.

When the train came in, I recognised him at once. He is about five feet ten inches in height and well built, with a high round forehead, and aquiline nose — good-looking in every sense of the term. He got out of the train and we sat together in the waiting-room.

It is impossible to describe what it is like to be in the presence of a Master. I did not know he was a Master, but to sit in his presence, though he hardly said a word, and does not know English, was to feel oneself thrilling through and through — to feel new impressions touching one mentally. It was an extraordinary experience.

I learned later that he was the first Sanskrit scholar in India, and that is saying something out here where Sanskrit is the language of the Scriptures and every student of wisdom learns it. He knows the sciences inside out, and many languages. You remember how the Apostles suddenly “spoke with tongues.” Well, there are people here, who have known this man all his life, and they know that up till one day, he did not speak a word of Tamil, a very difficult language. Fifteen days afterwards, he was able to give a long lecture in pure Tamil and to read it and write it as well as any of the professors.

I asked him how he achieved this feat and he replied, “By meditation.”

Think of that! No book! No grammar! Simply meditating on God, as these men know how to, and asking to be taught Tamil. His face, when at rest shines with happiness. At the least excuse he laughs, and often turns to you and shakes his head in a way Indians have, which means: That’s all right! Cheerio!

He promised to spend the afternoon and evening of today in teaching me, and he will then go into seclusion for over a year. He said if I would come to Tiruvannamalai he would take me up to see the Maharshi (a Mahatma or very Great Master) who lives there, and who is supposed to be one of the greatest Mahatmas in India.