From Note Book 2 of ‘In Woods of God-Realization’

So long as you beg, you will never find; put yourself in the position of a careless (reckless) monarch and every object will seek your presence as people constantly call on kings even uninvited.

* * * *
Prophets! You will become messengers or apostles of the Divinity and bearers of the secrets of Nature, when the selfish interests are sacrificed at the altar of your Supreme Self.

* * * *
Keep yourself transparent, and the Light of lights will shine forth through you.

Copyrighting spirit, Press-soliciting spirit, currying-favour spirit, mob-worshipping spirit thwarts down and suppresses the noble genius of mankind, and chokes down the heroism in man.

* * * *
People are accustomed to impute motives to heroes and others; but so long as ambition and name or fame seeking is there, there can be no success.
Shop keeping and beggary is no prayer or religion. Whenever I asked, never got. When I made me free, I got.

A desire makes a woman of you. How easily people change sex!

* * * *
The sorrows and prosperity should fall on you as clearly and softly as the landscape falls on the eyes.

* * * *
The like comes to the like and the greater (it is that) draws the less. When we are all bliss and higher than worldly enjoyments, then and then alone are the latter attracted.

* * * *
You may try your best, the desires will not be fulfilled unless you have that spirit of Resignation and Renunciation in you which raises you above them,

Love – “It is only when you leave me and lose me that I find myself by your side.”

* * * *
Just as the conclusions of astronomers would have been vain and uncertain, if not founded-on observations of the seen (apparently moving) heavens, in relation to a single meridian and a single horizon (fixed axes), so should no definite knowledge of Spiritual laws be gained by doubting and discrediting our individual experience and not referring to the single Divinity within and on the contrary making ourselves dupes of outside history, false representatives of Science and pseudo philosophers.

Form no attachments on the ground of nationality, colour, country, or creed. He is your neighbour who is on the same plane of thought with you.

* * * *
Recognition, honour, popularity, wealth are no success. “I will teach you the way to become rich etc.” That is no success.

* * * *
How does a painter or any other artist bring out original work?

A happy mood of harmony with the universe.
Throw not your goal outside of your work. As in going or travelling on the railway stations, the goal will come to you, if you keep sitting in the carriage.
Mind always calm, never lose your temper. Statics.

* * * *
Success is always with you. Whatever you reap is the result of your sowing.

* * * *
Pray not to the god outside; pray to the Divinity within. As in asking the gods to bring the other bank to us, labour is lost. The very moment we pray to the Self within and are determined to cross the river, we reach the opposite bank.

* * * *
Faith. He who believes in the Spiritual laws more than in the forms, will win and not the believer in the outward drift of affairs.

Keep the Truth vividly before your mental eye in business. Let not outward shows bewilder you.

* * * *
Rise above your neighbour’s suggestion, above hypnotism. All life is nothing else but a surface affair, all world a trick of the senses. Realise, realise the Reality to such a degree that the world may become nothing to you.

* * * *
After admiring the small happy course of a little boat on a lake, get yourself into the little boat and it is no longer sitting still, floating smoothly.

Mirror has nothing in it. You cannot verify by looking into the mirror.

You see a compound of yourself and the world. You must enter into combination with what you see.

* * * *
All the shawls and beautiful dress is a bandage to conceal the wounds. A healthy man stands in no need of anything of that sort.

* * * *
The parrot sits on the horizontal string. The string turns and the parrot finds itself turned upside down, ready to be thrown into water. The parrot does not leave the string for fear of falling down. But that very fear binds him and throws him into the hands of sportsmen.

The Spanish Government of Manilla used to make some hundred thousand pesos (Spanish dollar) a year out of the revenue of licensing cock-fights. So are for selfish motives, all sorts of evils encouraged by the rulers of lands.

* * * *
It is strange, very strange, that people want to rob each other, as for worldly wealth, but as for higher wealth, spiritual or religious riches, when they are presented with it, they want to kill their donors,

* * * *
Everybody’s experience will prove that to control the passion and bring sweet sleep and comfort at night, the best remedy is to centre your attention in the heart. That creates harmony and peace in the whole system and puts you in unison with the All.

* * * *
Desiring – By desiring we chop out a part of our self. We throw our self off the balance.

All desire is love. Love is God. Therefore all desire is God. He who realises all desires as his Self, is meditating on Om. The world lives in desires, therefore it lives in Me.

The evil in personal desires is that the real Love or God is entirely forgotten, the wave conceals the ocean, and man is put out of harmony with the All. If a desire tends to restore or restores your universal love, it is good.

We drink God, eat God, breathe God, think God.

All truth is paradoxical. We must know both sides before we comprehend it. Truth is round.

All time = now
All distance = here
All thought = God-consciousness.

He is happy who can by deeply and intently looking at the dark surroundings make them full of Light, just as we make the things in a dark room visible by continually keeping our gaze over them.

* * * *
People live neither in graves, nor mansions; they live rather in hells of their creation, hot-house plants, air-tight rooms.

* * * *
Friends and relations ought to be transparent to us, they should not be like veils and blinds. They should be as glass-panes obstructing no light, nay, they should be like spectacles and microscopes or telescopes, helps and no hindrances.

Our connections and relations ought not to be like a heavy burden of fodder etc. carried on the back. They ought to be like the same fodder put into the stomach and assimilated. They should be a help and no hindrance.

A rope-dancer at first rides the rope, single, alone, When highly practised, he takes with him a boy or some other heavy object and dances on the rope. So, after living single life and acquiring perfection, a man may allow others in his company.

If you have any connections, let them be like purgatives, etc., purifying and not burdensome.

* * * *
No salvation by acts – Just as the riches which were simply a means to an end are by the world taken to be an end in itself: so, the foolish people have made acts an end by itself, whereas it was only a meagre means to an end.

Worldly men, regard, respect, pity, courtesy, politeness, modesty, trying to please, and a desire to be pleased, vanity, flattery – these sire the great weapons of Maya. These are the snares of Ignorance and pain, the great hypnotisers. Why should worldly objects hypnotise you into the body etc.? Cast aside all lower literature, all materialistic talk, all intercourse on the phenomenal plane. The worldly objects have no right to make a woman of you.

It is the Will to Live that drags misery and suffering in its train. It is the Will to Retire that brings peace and happiness as its consequence, nay, the Will to Retire converts itself into Happiness.

Let nothing but the true Self remain before the mind forever and ever.

* * * *
Personal Love = nothing else but weakness and passivity.

The reason why Love is praised is that majority of mankind suffer from that malady and it is flattering to find the painter man and not the lion.

The second reason of Love being appreciated is that foolish poets and writers mix up true universal divine love with selfish personal love. The praise of one is given to the other and the hideous nature of the latter is concealed in the grandeur of the former.

* * * *
Believe not your admirers, worshippers, and flatterers. They ruin you. Keep no disciples. Keep, no connection with any person; be free from all relations. Let the time be spent either in writing or meditation. Head no authors without realisation. The greatest hindrance in the way of Realisation are accursed newspapers, critics, reviewers,, admirers, friends, flatterers, disciples. They hypnotise you into misery by their indirect suggestions. Historians, novelists, poets and ordinary writers, and periodicals are the worst enemy of Realisation. Let all ties snap. Why should ties keep you bound?

Man knows and recognises his material universe, because and only because he has been that universe in all its myriad details. He has buried himself in its rocks, pulsated with and in its rhythmic oceans, felt the peace and strength of its mighty oaks; or he could not now he conscious that such things exist.

* * * *

Concentration on truth

Wandering thoughts drifting without rudder (dissipation)
Love may be resorted to collect your energies. But (it) should be avoided when on higher planes.

What is this thing called ‘Love’ that has no centre from which to radiate? Centre there must be. What is this diffusive, general, universal emotion that has no focal point? It is unrequited love that becomes Power. It is love turned back from worldly objects and centred on the Self that becomes Power. It is lost love that becomes strength.
* * * *
Christians made the mistake of mixing up the teachings of Christ with his character.

The Hindus winnowed out the teachings and retained the character of Buddha.

* * * *
Get out of the dumps. Expand. Head up, shoulders back, chest out, backbone stiff.

Never wait for anybody. Be yourself. Prop not against anything. Expect nothing. Ask nothing. Seek nothing.

Pain – People go on rushing headlong after sensual objects, not seeing before them, till they run their heads against rocks and walls. Thus is caused pain or sorrow.